I am Amir Faramarzi who is a specialized bodybuilding trainer with 10 years of professional coaching experience, born in 1981 and graduated in Automation Engineering from Kiev Polytechnic University. I am also active in coaching, music, modeling, acting, and have so far won two gold and one bronze medals in the IFBB. I also have a Grade A Certificate of Coaching, and my abilities in music can include piano, guitar, and pop singing.

My goal for launching this site is to provide a comprehensive online platform for scientific and professional bodybuilding training, you can follow my articles on this site and you can also get exercise and nutrition plans (to lose weight or gain weight) from qualifying to competitions.

You can find out more about my activities by viewing my pages on social networks.

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Received at the World IFBB Championships bodybuilding.



10 years of professional bodybuilding training experience.



Served personal training and providing diet and exercise.



With my programs and exercises, they have been able to gain a good standing in the championships from country to world